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Has your Braun Juicer stopped working?

Juicing is a great way to make sure that you get your five a day, and eat a healthy diet. A glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice tastes great. It is a fast way to prepare a healthy snack or meal replacement. Understandably, people rely heavily on their juicer, so when it breaks they really miss it. At REPAIR it, REUSE it we regularly carry out Braun juicer repairs, so can help you if yours breaks.

People love these high quality juicing machines, so, naturally when they stop working they do not want to throw them away. Buying a new one is expensive, and replacement juicers rarely work in the same way the old one did.

Nationwide Braun Juicer repairs

In addition, binning broken household appliances is not good for the planet, so getting them repaired and reusing them is something more people want to do. At REPAIR it, REUSE it, we make doing this as easy as possible. This is how our service works:

  1. Step one is using our online form to get a quote.
  2. There is space provided on the form for you to explain what the fault is. Our repair team uses that information, and their experience, to work out what the issue is and give you a quote.
  3. Once you decide to get your juicer repaired, we arrange for a courier to come to your home, or place of work, to pick it up.
  4. As soon as it arrives at our 16,000 sq ft repair warehouse, we start the repair process.
  5. Once the repair is finished, we send the juicer back to you using a fast courier.

All of our Braun juicer repairs include a three-month warranty. Our household appliance repair service is fast, easy to use, and affordable.

Using REPAIR it, REUSE it, you can keep your beloved juicers, food processors, coffee machines and other gadgets working properly for many more years, which is good for your pocket and for the environment.

If you have broken home appliances gathering dust in your cupboards, why not get them out, check the faults and take a few minutes to get some quotes. We guarantee that you will be pleased that you did.



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