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A cup of coffee is being poured, its rich aroma and irresistible taste unraveling with every sip.

As the warranty repair company for some of the biggest coffee machine manufacturers we sometimes receive machines in for repair were the customer thinks that the coffee doesn’t taste as good as it did.

Some basic advice here to get the machine back to delivering good coffee.

1. Always use fresh water. Don’t use water that has been in the machine all day or overnight. The water becomes flat. Empty the water and refill the tank with fresh water. See the air bubbles? That’s what makes the difference.

2. Flush the machine through from time to time. You can do this by dispensing hot water through the machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have lost them visit the manufacturers web site as most of the top brands will have them available to down load for free.

3. Try different types of coffee beans. Good suppliers of coffee beans will talk all day about the many different   types and the flavour they deliver. It’s in their interest as they want your repeat business.

4. It is important that the machine delivers the right amount of steam / water pressure to get the most flavour out of the coffee as it drives the hot water  through the coffee cake (that’s that compressed disk of coffee that the machine makes after grinding) this pressure in most machines is 15 to 20 bar.

5. I would recommend that you get your machine serviced yearly as dependent on use, over time the seals that hold all of the pressure in the system can deteriorate reducing the pressure applied to the coffee cake.

I hope that some of the things that I have mentioned will make a difference to your coffee and that you have found it useful.



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