Food Processor Parts and Accessories

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    Unit/Base Motor

    A food processors heavy base is designed to provide stability while the appliance is in operation. The base housing unit should remain steady and firm while the motor or spinning discs/blades are operating. The base also typically contains the appliance’s power cord and control buttons like on/off and pulse.

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    A shaft that extends up from the base unit and motor which powers the blades and discs that fit on the shaft.

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    With most food processors an accompaniment of slicing/mixing blades are provided which normally slide over the shaft.

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    Work Bowl

    Normally fits onto the base unit and around the shaft. The work bowl, and thus the food processor size, usually ranges from 2 to about 13 cups of processed food.

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    Work Bowl Cover/Lid

    This fits on top of the work bowl and keeps the processed food within the bowl whilst the motor and mixing/cutting blades are in use.

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    Feed Tube/Pusher Rod

    This is where food/ liquids can be inserted into the work bowl safely whilst the machine is in use.