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    Mixing Paddle

    The stirring paddle of the Actifry fryer is detachable and is fitted with an anti-stick coating. It makes sure that the food contents inside have an even cooking process. This can easily be washed in a dishwasher.

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    The handle of the Actifry allows to take out the basket. Lift the handle until the “CLICK” is heard to remove the dish and take out the food.

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    Anti Spill Ring

    Helps avoiding the spill of the stirred foods being cooked and makes the mixing easier by sending them towards the paddle. Normally positioned at the edge of the basket.

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    The aluminium basket has a ceramic coating that ensures that it is highly durable and scratch resistant. This is were the food is placed ready to be cooked.

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    The lid is transparent which allows you to safely watch your food cooking.